Ransomware  – Webinar

We invited ethical hacker Reinaert Van de Cruys (Fox&Fish Cyberdefense) for a webinar on ransomware.
Using a live hacking demo, he demonstrates how you can become a victim of a hacking.
This then also shows why, as an insurer, we require a minimum investment in cyber security in order to be insurable: awareness training, multi-factor authentication, backups, etc….

Assist your client becoming prepared for Cyber Insurance – Webinar

Your client wants to take out a cyber policy? Excellent! The next step is then to assist them in completing a questionnaire or statement of facts. In it, insurers ask about the (minimum) level of investment in cyber security. To help your clients become insurable, we worked with Fox & Fish cyberdefense and Sirius Legal to develop a simple and affordable consulting offer. During this webinar, we place this offering in the context of the NIST CSF framework, which structures the various aspects of cyber security.

Impact of the new Book 6 Civil Code on D&O – Webinar

The introduction of the new Book 6 of the Civil Code has already triggered quite a reaction as far as directors’ liability insurance is concerned: Is this covered in the D&O policy? Are we going to see more D&O claims? Do we need to adjust our D&O policy now? …. In this Webinar we take a look at the D&O policy in the context of this change in the law. We do this in cooperation with Litiguard Law Firm. Mr Dirk De Maeseneer first explains the relevant legal concepts using practical examples, after which we discuss the insurance implications.


Beluga’s David Preneel describes in this article (in Dutch) how the new insolvency , enterprise and corporate legislation in Belgium might impact D&O insurance.
You’ll find the arguments why the proposed cap on D&O liability is not a great argument to cancel your D&O policy.
It also describes why directors of Not-For-Profit entities should consider buying D&O as a consequence of these new laws.

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